Husam Matar

Born in Syria, 1977.
He learned the art of Arabic Calligraphy, inspired by the classic masters’ school, referring to their books, amshāq, and muraqqa’āt that were exhibited at museums. As a six-year-old, he started copying the works of Hashem al-Baghdadi.
He studied the styles of genius Mehmed Şevki Efendi, Mahmud Celaleddin Efendi, and Hâfiz Osman.
For over two decades, he has copied Şevki’s amshāq of thulth and naskh scripts. In addition, he lettered juz’ 29 (tabāraka), juz’ 30 (‘amma), Ya Sīn chapter, as well as many parts of the Mus’haf. Not only Şevki Efendi’s style did he follow in his Qur’anic works, but also that of Sheikh Hamdullah al-Amasi and Hâfiz Osman, when he lettered other copies of juz’ 30 (‘amma).

Husam al-Matar is licensed with ijazah in Arabic Calligraphy Art by master calligraphers Obaida Banki and Davud Bektaş. The ceremony took place in 2007 at the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA) in Istanbul, under supervision of Prof. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu and Dr. Halit Eren.
He taught the art and history of Calligraphy and Islamic Arts in Syria and Turkey. He also delivered several lectures and workshops in many countries around the world.
Gave many lectures on lettering scripts of Mus’haf, their complications and aesthetics.
Taught Islamic Arts at the Kuwait Islamic Arts Centre for more than four years. Many students graduated thanks to him.
Taught tools techniques, preparation of muqahhar paper, pens, and traditional inks. He wrote many articles in this concern.
Husam al-Matar lives in Sweden. He works as a teacher of Arabic Calligraphy at Malmö University and Lund University, where he has students from all over Europe and the world. He gave several lectures on arts in Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.
He is preparing for MA in Calligraphy at the Society of Iranian Calligraphists.
He lettered many book titles at the Kuwait Islamic Arts Centre and Huroof Arabiya journal. He also designed numerous logos worldwide.
He is working on a book project “Mashq of Thuluth and Naskh Scripts: Mehmed Şevki’s Method”.
And he is preparing to print “Juz’ Amma in Naskh Script”.

* Abdulhamid al-Katib Competition. Syria. 2003, 2004, 2005. Thuluth script category. 1st Winner.
* Hashem al-Baghdadi Competition. IRCICA, Istanbul. 2007. Celi Thuluth script category. Incentive Prize.
* Doha Forum for Arabic Calligraphy. Qatar. 2010, 2014. Golden Medal.
* Ramadan Forum for the Holy Qur’an Lettering. Dubai. 2010. 1st Winner.
* Souq Okaz Competition. KSA. 2012. 1st Winner.

Participations and Exhibitions:
* Ministry of Culture’s Arts Exhibition, Damascus, 1997, 1999.
* Ministry of Culture’s Spring Exhibition. Damascus. 1998.
* Artists of Syria Exhibition, Damascus, 2003.
* Artists of Raqqa Exhibition. Raqqa. 2003.
* Al Cham Mus’haf. Damascus. 2005.
* Sharjah Arabic Calligraphy Biennial. 2012.
* Kuwait Forum for Islamic Arts. Kuwait. 2011, 2013.
* Algeria Forum for Arabic Calligraphy. 2012.
* Ramadan Forum for the Holy Qur’an Lettering. Dubai. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014.
* King Fahad Complex Forum for the Renowned Scribes of Mus’haf. KSA. 2011.